Vote for Rachel

ICAEW Practice Committee Elections

Voting opens 5 February 2018 and closes 2nd March 2018

Re-election statement: Rachel Davis

I have been a member of the IPC since 2011 and am still as enthusiastic and passionate as ever about the challenges that face us in this sector.

I fully understand and support the role of the IPC in representing the needs and views of all members and firms. I am very keen to be re-elected and feel that, although I have strong, all-round experience, I am in a strong position to represent the voice of the small practitioner. A large sector of the membership is made up of smaller firms: many of whom do not have the presence and power of the larger firms. It is these members that I would like to stand for: harnessing feedback and opinions that are truly representative. I run a small practice and, due to its nature, I work alongside many firms of accountants on a daily basis. I have direct experience, connections and a broad knowledge base to draw on.

Reasons to vote for me:

The most recent IPC project I have been working on, and am keen to develop further, is to create a much better 2-way communication between members and the ICAEW: allowing both to have a direct voice and get in touch quickly and effectively.

I have also been highly vocal in bringing software issues to the attention of the ICAEW – specifically those faced by the general practitioner surrounding implementation of FRS102 – something I think we all understand needs to be improved.

My background includes training at a medium firm, Duncan and Toplis, before moving to KPMG with whom I also worked in New Zealand as part of a small business team. I then worked in two, small, general accounting practices before setting up my own in 2006. This experience has benefited me in many ways, especially in helping me see how issues impact differently on different sizes of firm.

I am involved at local level as a committee member of the Leeds District Society and I was previously a committee member of the Derby branch so I know lots of people and am able to access opinions at local level.

On a personal note, I am married with teenage children so I understand the issues facing working parents.

Please vote for me – I am very keen to continue with the work and level of involvement I have with the IPC. I am down-to-earth, approachable, understanding, a good listener and able to represent the voices of others without bias.