The type of work we undertake is principally the statutory audit of limited companies.

In addition we also carry out:

•    Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (SAR)

•    CASS 5 audits

•    ABTA and ATOL accountants reports

All of these require registered auditor status.

Just Audit’s systems and procedures are set up specifically to provide a pure audit service to support the work of accountants who typically provide a general accountancy and tax service to their clients. We utilise their work as much as possible, therefore minimising disruption to the client. Staff consistency is also very important – with 82% continuity of staff on all of our audits.

We have some great client feedback statistics (we like stats as you’d expect!)… 100% of our clients consider that we “create excellent relationships and are seen as professional, friendly and approachable”. We also have 100% satisfaction feedback on how efficiently we return calls and emails. For the full picture, click the image. We consider these, along with our independence and experience, to be some of our major strengths.

Our service is exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ – a pure audit service for the clients of our accountancy clients’..