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ICAEW provides Bloomsbury access
View 60 tax and accounting titles
A deal between Bloomsbury Professional and the ICAEW, announced in October, allows eligible ICAEW firms to gain free, unlimited access to the latest tax and accounting information via an online library of over 60 core titles.

This will ensure fingertip access to extensive, authoritative information on which practices rely to provide fully compliant and up to date client advice. The deal has been made for the next five years and is free of charge.


FRS102 Investment Property
Clarifying the confusion!

As there is much confusion surrounding how FRS102 deals with investment property, with several high-profile court cases arising from the lack of clarity, we have sourced a good article that provides all you need to know. Understanding the classifications of rental property is a vital place to start as even property that isn’t rented out (but kept for appreciation purposes) is still classed as an investment property – this also applies to land on the same basis.

We recommend you take a moment to read this useful article and ask us if you have any questions that directly relate to the audit aspect of investment properties.

[Article author – Steve Collings, Source – accountingweb.co.uk]


Just Audit team
As you know, our team is spread across the UK so we are never too far away from you.
We meet up regularly and here is a photo taken at a recent team meeting.