Just Audit’s Karen helps develop accountancy degree

Just Audit’s Karen Lewchenko has been working with QAA (The quality assurance agency for higher education) to help them review their subject benchmarking statement for Accounting.
Subject benchmarks are intended primarily for academic staff who are designing and approving programs for the universities they represent (i.e. the university they work for/are head of department at). However, it was also noted that it was important to recognise the value of the subject benchmark statement to employers, current students and prospective students.
Just Audit were approached to help in the development of the programs and link them to the requirements employers expect from a graduate. Working as part of a panel of advisers (including a representative from ICAEW), Karen has really enjoyed the challenge of developing the areas pitched for employers be included in the accounting benchmarking statement and looking at the degree content from both a student and employer perspective.