A week in the life of a Just Auditor…

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Working for Just Audit is very different to working in a conventional audit or accountancy practice.

As well as working flexible hours, working from home for much of the time means avoiding the daily battle with traffic congestion or over-crowded public transport. The working pattern is varied, meaning that some weeks may be entirely based at home and others might involve one or more days working at clients’ premises around the country. The Just Audit team is based all around the country, so trips that require staying away from home are fairly occasional. We aim to make the most of technology to communicate with one another and our clients, and to run a paperless office, so that a home office can easily be packed away at the end of a day.

We do get together regularly for training days and meetings. It’s important that, although we all do work in different parts of the country, we know each other well and work with a high level of consistency.

by David Fletcher, Audit Manager

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